My health and wellness journey began in the late nineties after decades of weight issues dating back to my childhood in the sixties. Back then, it was rare to see an overweight child. All the kids played outside, no technology, or T.V. to distract us. The sixties were also the premier of frozen dinners, tons of processed foods, and soda. And, my mom was a pretty damn good cook. All this led to my weight going up and down like a pendulum. It truly affected how I was as a person: my self-confidence, self-esteem, and how I thought my life would play out.

I supported myself in college by working in the restaurant industry. Food and wine actually became my career. It’s also how I met my husband, and started a family of my own. We have two beautiful daughters. Becoming a mom made me realized I did not want to live an unhealthy lifestyle, or have my daughters grow up with my issues. The question became, how am I going to improve my health. The word “diet” by this point was a four letter word to me. I was reading everything I could find in my quest for a healthy lifestyle. One Sunday morning, I was reading Parade magazine. I read an article about an 80 year old woman who became so involved in fitness, that she became a competitive and winning body builder. I wasn’t looking to become a body builder. But, reading her story was inspirational to me. I thought, “if she could commit to her health at 80, I sure could at 37. (side note: I have since read about many, many people in their “senior” years in amazing shape committed to their health living productive lives.)

I actually had two “aha” moments. My first one was becoming a wife and mom. I realized my life was not just about me anymore. My second “aha” moment was finally realizing health is not just about the size of my clothes, or number on a scale. It’s about lifestyle. It’s the whole picture: family, love, nutrition, fitness, personal outlook, career… lifestyle! I decided to find my way to a healthier life, one that I can commit to successfully every day. I started making small, manageable, holistic change using basic, yet smart, action steps. I have changed my life.

Wanting to take this further I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I studied over 100 dietary theories, bio-individuality, primary food, and listened to powerful lectures by Mark Hyman, Deepak Chopra, Robert Lustig, Marion Nestle, Alicia Silverstone, David Wolfe, Andrea Beaman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Barry Sears, and so many more. It became clear to me through my education at IIN, my passion and vision of my life changed. My dedication became so strong that after being in the wine and food business for thirty-nine years, I made the decision to leave. Now, my life’s vision is to spread the ripple effect of good health. I am a certified Integrative Health Coach.

I am now able to support you with the steps I created in my S.E.L.F. Integrative Health program. The goal is simple: I teach you Sage Energetic Living Fundamentals that are holistic and bio-individual to your goals. What is bio-individuality? It simply means: everyone is different. While there are common threads, not everything works for everyone. The key is working together to get the results you want that your body and mind will embrace for your healthy life. Now the question is, are you ready to learn how to improve your life and reach your goals!

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