What is Sage Energetic Living Fundamentals?

Sage: wise, discerning, showing wisdom

Energetic: vigorous, having energy, inherent power, capacity for action

Living: alive, true, mannered existence

Fundamentals: foundation, basic, essentials

Like so many others, I tried many different ways to get “skinny”. Forty years ago, that’s really what I thought health was about: being able to fit in skinny jeans. I wasn’t thinking about how the inside of my body works. Strong muscles and bones? Never thought about it. Illnesses due to poor diet, there’s a relationship between the two? I didn’t know that. And then, there were “the diets”. Deprivation didn’t work. Rice cakes and peanut butter, nope. Eating nothing but salad: definitely not. Exercise for me back then was running because I was going to be a marathon star. I was also embarrassed to join a gym because I didn’t really know how to work out. Ultimately, my knees crushed my dreams of running a marathon, so exercising fell down to the bottom of my “to do” list.

When I finally made the decision to lead a healthier life for myself and my family, my mindset shifted from “skinny jeans” to a real, healthy lifestyle that I could thrive in and be sustainable. I decided to follow what made sense to me even if it meant going really slow, which it did. I discovered small steps were less harrowing to me emotionally, and easier for me to include in my already busy life. My past experiences taught me that health is not just about food: it’s about our relationships, our careers, and our overall approach to life. The ability to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise was monumental in my personal journey.

That’s not to say there weren’t hiccups along the way. The key was to not beat myself up because that would affect me emotionally which would trigger mindless eating, laziness and stress on the fact that I lost the foundation I was building. Instead, I chose to be kind to myself. I chose to think about the hiccup, to understand it, and then to push it away so I could continue on my journey.

My journey led me to my S.E.L.F. – Sage Energetic Living Fundamentals. I was looking for wise ways to become healthier – Sage. I did not want miracle diets that may have helped me lose weight, but were not sustainable. I also wanted to have energy and be active – Energetic. I started doing very basic exercises, and gradually increased the level of intensity. That’s not say I didn’t push myself, I did. I simply did it in a way that worked for me. During this time, I realized I was not living in the moment, or taking in life. That is when I decided to live in a true, mannered existence – Living. While this all sounded great, I knew needed to have basic essentials to guide me – Fundamentals.

My Sage Energetic Living Fundamentals have been guiding me for almost twenty years. I am happy to share with you my S.E.L.F. to help you live your healthy life. Small steps are impactful. Small steps are meaningful. Small steps are sustainable.

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